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School Council

We have a very active School Council in Fairview Primary School.  Each class from P4 to P7 has a School Council representative, as well as a Class Council Chair and Vice Chair.  We use this system to make sure all pupils in our school have a voice.  School Council members visit P1 to P3 classrooms to report on what has been discussed and gather ideas from our junior classes.

School Council meetings happen once a month, with a class council meeting in between each School Council meeting.  Have a look at the School Council notice board in the entrance hall to catch up on all the meeting minutes. 


Two members of our School Council stood for the role of School Council Chairperson.  Both produced exceptional presentations which they delivered in front of our three school assemblies.  Following a whole school vote, Daniel Montgomery was elected as Chairperson and Eloise Kirk was elected as Deputy Chair.  Well done to both candidates and to Max McConnell, who will take on the role of Secretary with the assistance of Maisie Meikle and Austin Adair. 



The new school council elections have taken place and the following pupils have been elected for the following year 2018 / 2019:

Lucy Millar P4B
Amber Mae Lacey P4A
Isobel Gault P4E

Patrick Woodside P5B
Seth Scarlett P5JMcM                                                                                                                          Max McConnell P5McC

Austin Adair P6McA (Secretary)
Maisie Meikle P6P (Secretary)
Noah Bell P6P
Megan Stevenson P6H

Sophie Montgomery P7McM (Chairperson)
Kara Surgenor P7N
Reuben Edmondson P7K (Vice Chairperson)




Hi, my name is Sophie Montgomery and I am delighted to name myself chairperson of school council. I am in P7 Miss McMillan’s class and I have been voted by my class to get onto the school council. I have various hobbies such as hockey, cricket and horse riding. I am involved in many aspects of school and I am on some teams such as hockey, cricket and football. During October I did a presentation and was voted as chairperson. The votes were extremely close and I beat Rueben by about 45 votes. This year I am hoping to improve the school and to develop even more.


Sophie - P7McM

Deputy Chair

Hi, my name is Reuben and I’m in P7K.  I am 10 years old and I’ve been elected as Vice Chairperson of the School Council this year.  I’m really looking forward to representing the school as Vice Chairperson and as a proactive member of the council.  I currently also represent the school at football, rugby and cricket and love the team spirit and morale the school teams provide.  Outside of school my interests are playing sports and music.


Reuben - P7K

Hi, I’m Kara Surgenor. I am 10 years old.  I love to dance and I go to dance on a Saturday.  I also love to sing and I go to singing lessons every Tuesday.  I like to play netball.  My favourite position is goal keeper.  I have got some good ideas for things, especially for assembly songs.  I go to church every Sunday.  I have a sister called Eve.  She is thirteen.  I also like basketball, ice skating and swimming.  My favourite subject in school is art.  I love to draw.  I am also art monitor for my class.


Kara - P7N

Hello, my name is Austin Adair. I am in Mr McAllister’s primary 6 class and my class have voted me to be on the school council this year. I play some sports, in school I play rugby, cricket and football. I have been on the school council before and the reason I want to be on it again is because I want to see what else we can do to improve our great school. This year I am secretary with another person and that is Maisie.  I am looking forward to the challenge ahead this year in the school council!


Austin - P6McA

Hi, my name is Maisie Meikle and I am in p6 Miss Paul.  I am 9 years old.  I have a little sister called Lottie and an older brother called Luca.  This year I am joint secretary of our school council with Austin Adair.


I wanted to be on school council because I’ve been involved with school council before in P4 and had so much fun.  I also want to help our school develop new and exciting ideas using suggestions from my class council meetings.


My hobbies are hockey and dancing which I do almost everyday.


Maisie - P6P

My name is Noah Bell.  I am nine years old and I am in the School Council for P6P.  I enjoy most sports, reading, art and all school topics.  I think I will be useful to the School Council because I like learning new things and I enjoy working in a team.  I feel I am reliable, have good ideas and can cope under pressure.  I also enjoy working on computers. 


Last year I won three prizes in art competitions and read a million words on AR.  I am a member of 1st Ballyclare Cub Scouts and play for Ballyclare Rugby Club – I was very proud to be voted last year’s ‘Players’ Player of the Year”.  I also play 1st violin in the school orchestra.  I feel I try very hard at everything and if I do not do well I will try again.  If I am asked to do anything for School Council I am prepared to work in my spare time.  I look forward to working with the other School Council members to make the school a better place for everyone.


Noah - P6P

Hi, I am Megan Stevenson and I am School Council rep for P6H.  I am 9 years old and my teacher is Mrs Houston.  My hobbies are arts and craft, hockey, violin and reading.  I want to be on School Council because I am responsible and have great ideas.  My aims for this year are that I will be able to work well with others, understand and get the job done


Megan - P6H

My name is Seth. I am 8 years old.  I am in P5 and Mr McMinn is my teacher.  My favourite things to do in school are PE and maths.  I have one big sister called Evie and two big brothers called Zachary and Jacob.  I really enjoy playing rugby and love playing the guitar.  I am very happy and feel fortunate to be on the School Council for a second year and I am looking forward to helping to continue to make our school a happy and safe place.  I am also looking forward to introducing some new ideas.


Seth - P5McM

My name is Max McConnell and I am in P5.  I play football 6 days a week.  I am a goalkeeper for Crusaders FC.  I live in a local Guest Inn just outside Ballyclare.


I have 1 brother who is in Ballyclare High School.  My teacher is Mrs McCullough.  I am glad to be on School Council.


Max - P5McC

My name is Patrick and I represent P5C on School Council.  I am looking forward to representing my class on School Council and hopefully making a difference to my school.  It is a great honour to be on School Council and I intend to take my role very seriously.    


Outside of school, I enjoy rugby and biking.  I am also learning to play the piano


Patrick - P5C

Hi, my name is Amber Mae.  I go over every summer holiday to see my dad.  I also enjoy judo, yoga, art and maths.


Amber Mae Lacey - P4A

Hi my name is Isabel Gault. I am in seven years old and was born on the 22nd of November 2010. I like swimming, drawing and reading.  I wanted to make school happier and more fun for children.

Isobel Gault - P4E

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am 8 years old. I am in P4 and my teacher is Miss Bennett. This is my first year in school council and I am excited to learn more about it and share my ideas.  My older sister Jamie is in P7 and she helps me with joint writing and new gymnastic moves.  My hobbies include gymnastics and hockey and I love to play with my friends.   


Lucy Millar- P4B


Macmillan Coffee Morning

Our school is proud of all the hard work we do for charity and one of the main events we arrange is the Macmillan Coffee Morning in the month of September. This year, P6 and P7 members sold raffle tickets and assisted with the draw to announce the lucky winners for the different cakes and buns.  We also sold quizzes to win a delicious cake baked by Miss Earls and raised £71. 

We played our part in raising £600 for this great charity.

By Zach Smith


Open Day

We were delighted to be involved in Open Day this year as we welcomed the prospective parents and their nursery children into school.  The three P7 School Council members also formed part of the tour, guiding parents round school and chatting with parents and their children about life in Fairview.

By Lois Simpson


Shloer and Shortbread

As is traditional now, School Council welcomed all the grandparents into school for the special Friday morning infant concert.  The grandparents were all very nice and complimented us on the welcome they received and our manners.  At the end of the concert, we served Shloer and shortbread and had a chat.  We even got to finish off the Shloer and shortbread when the grandparents left!

By James Truesdale


Nursery Buddies

For the first time this year, each Primary 6 class has buddied up with a class from Ballyclare Nursery to take part in Forest School activities.  We went across to the Nursery School to collect our buddies and had a great time doing our Autumn treasure hunt around the Environmental Garden and front of school.  It was lovely to see our buddies again when they came across to see our Infant Concert in school.  We hope to have more Forest School activities with our buddies in the new year

By Daniel Wilson


P6 Buddies

Following on from School Council discussions at the end of last year, we decided to introduce playground buddies for infant lunch from September.  Normally, it is just P7 pupils who take on this role after Christmas.  Feedback from our P4 School Council members, and also from pupils in P2 and P3 when we go to chat to them, indicated how much they enjoyed having older pupils to help them with games at lunch time.  Our P6 pupils were given the opportunity to be lunchtime buddies and have done a great job!  P7 pupils will take over after Christmas as normal.

By Zach Smith


Developing class council

Part of being on School Council is ensuring all our pupils get the chance to have their voice heard.  This year, we are trying to develop Class Council with specific discussion points coming from each School Council meeting.  My class have recorded a Class Council meeting to help other classes see how it is done.  We hope to develop this further in the second half of the year.

By Sophie Corr


Visiting buddy class to share information

P4 to P7 are all represented on School Council.  Part of our role is to visit infant classes to tell them about the things we are discussing that affect them.  I have been to see Mrs Burns to tell her class about School Council and to get their ideas and feedback.  Everyone on School Council is paired up and has an infant class to visit.  I have enjoyed this part of my role.

By Seth Scarlett


Fairview leaflet for Open Day

We spent a lot of time in the first few meetings talking about what makes Fairview unique and what is good about Fairview.  We spoke to pupils throughout the school, some parents and got feedback from Class Council.  We used all this information to produce a leaflet for parents to take away on Open Day, telling them about our school and why they should choose to send their children here!  

By Sophie Corr


Analysing the pupil questionnaire

At the end of last year, pupils completed a questionnaire about life in Fairview.  We have been analysing the results at School Council, trying to understand some of the responses.  This will be a big part of Class Council work in 2019.

By Euan Todd


Pupil School Development Plan

Every year, teachers produce Action Plans which contain targets for the school to work on that year.  At School Council, we have looked at these Action Plans and tried to write them again in pupil friendly language.  This Pupil School Development Plan will be shared with all pupils in school through Class Council and displayed in the entrance hall.  Thank you to Mr McAllister and Mrs Matthews for helping us with this and explaining the targets set in the Action Plans.  We found it really interesting that some of the targets are based on pupil feedback through questionnaires we completed last year. 

By Lois Simpson


Invite for Cook to talk about healthy break and school dinners

We hope to meet with the cook in the new year to talk about dinner menus and extending the range of healthy break snacks.  Class Council have already talked about this and ideas have been brought to School Council.  We are looking forward to having some input into school dinners and working with the cook to develop menus and get more people taking school dinners.

By Sophie Corr


Busking at the Christmas Fair

We discussed ways we could improve the Christmas Fair.  One of our ideas was to introduce a busking stage, where pupils get to show case their singing and musical talents.  This proved to be very popular, with all the slots booked within a couple of days.  The evening was a real success.  I played my guitar.  All the acts were well received by the crowds in the food hall.  It really added atmosphere to the evening and will definitely be back next year.

Discuss ways to improve lunch time

Last year's School Council sought feedback from pupils about lunchtime and playground ˜Golden Rules".  The idea of these rules is to make lunchtime more fun for everyone.  This year, we have talked about ways to give pupils more time to play at lunchtime.  We will keep working on this after Christmas and all ideas will be sent back to Class Council for discussion before a final decision is made.

By Zac Lannie


Updating the website

We have updated our website with information and pictures about what School Council has been up to this term.  You will see our pictures and a short paragraph about us as well!  Thank you for visiting the school website to find out about our work.

By Christopher McKelvey and Daniel Wilson