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'A Better Internet' - A 2020 Internet Safety Music Video from P7K
Although the C2K Internet Safety Video Competition no longer exists, Mr Kennedy's class spent one of their non-uniform days before Christmas writing, performing and recording another Internet Safety Music Video. We think it's fantastic, do you?





Mr Kennedy's P7 class make new Internet Safety Video
Mr Kennedy's P7 class have just finished creating this year's entry for the C2K Internet Safety Video Competition. Everyone in the class was involved, choosing the music, rewriting the lyrics, singing and performing. Most importantly they were learning about how to keep themselves safe online, being able to Create, Connect and Share Respect on the Internet. To watch the video, just click below. We hope you enjoy it.


In case you missed it- this is last year' winning C2K Safer Internet Video winning entry.

New E-Safety Advice Website for Parents
The NSPCC in conjunction with O2 have recently released a new website as part of their commitment to help parents know how to keep their children safe online. The guide is primarily aimed at parents of 8-12 year olds and looks at the social networks, apps and games with an interactive element that children use most frequently.
The purpose of the net-aware website is to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child's online world and help them to stay safe online.
On the net-aware site you can explore what other parents and children are saying about the various social media and gaming sites. You can form your own views about the appropriateness of popular sites and have the confidence to have a balanced and informed conversation about what your child is doing online. 
Please visit: www.net-aware.org.uk




Last week we brought you the great news that Mr Kennedy's P7 class had been shortlisted in the final 3 for the C2K Schools Internet Safety Video Competition. We can now show you the short video to coincide with Safer Internet Day 2016. Have a watch and see what you think. We think it's a fantastic way to reinforce Internet Safety with all our pupils.


It is with great pride that we can now invite all parents and guests to watch the Safer Internet Day movie created by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Look carefully - you may recognise a few children!




               Windows Version                                                             Mac/iPad Versions

Movie 1          Movie 2           Movie 3                                   Movie 1        Movie 2            Movie 3

Movie 4          Movie 5           Movie 6                                   Movie 4        Movie 5            Movie 6


As part of Safer Internet Day, we were extremely privileged to have Junior Minister Jonathan Bell and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann visit our school as representatives of the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister. They were very impressed by the great work going on in our classrooms and commented on the outstanding behaviour and engagement of our pupils. As part of their visit, pupils in P6 and P7 became some of the first pupils across the province to watch the new Internet Safety Movie produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre in London. Some of our pupils were involved in the filming and feature in the final movie!
Check it out for yourselves by clicking on the link above.

Here are some photographs taken on the day:



P5 Internet Safety Movie (opens in new window)


All classes throughout the school had the opportunity this week to participate in a range of activities connected to Safer Internet Day on 10th February. One of the areas which our older pupils considered to focus on was Cyber Bullying. Each Primary 7 class worked in groups to plan and then create a movie trailer using iMovie on the new school iPads. The children had great fun, planning and shooting their Anti-Bullying and E-Safety movie trailers. Once we get them finished we'll publish them here so make sure to call back.


Safer Internet Day is a very important day in our school. It is a day when everyone in school learns about staying safe online. This year we focussed on 'cyber-bullying' and about how important it was not to say nasty things to each other online, whether we mean them or not. This also includes text messages. We discussed how important it was to tell your parents or a teacher if someone was being nasty to you online. You should also tell an adult if you know of someone else who is being bullied online.
We also revised how to saty safe online by talking about the SMART rules.
S = Stay Safe - don't give out personal details
M = Meet Up - never arrange to meet up with someone you've met online
A = Accept - don't accept emails, IMs or open webpages from an unknown source
R = Reliable - remember that everything on the Internet isn't always true
T = Tell - If something you see or hear online upsets you, then tell an adult.


                                                                                                       Laura McKay - P7K


Primary 6 pupils made posters to reinforce the SMART rules and help pupils to stay safe online. These posters are displayed in our 'E-Safety corridor'. Click on the names to open the poster in .pdf format!

Rachel S and Alex                                          Lewis and Katlyn

Lucy and Tony                                               Harriett and Christopher

Niamh and Lauren                                         Ross and Benn

Rebecca and Rachel M                                   Holly and Karl

Emma and Luke